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I Can't Find My Phone

on in Technology
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Summer 2016 - Client asks me to help with their child's phone, it has been stolen. The phone was last seen on the playing field during practice. At this point I shake my head understanding the stress the parent is feeling. So I muster up my best advice, suggest talking to the coaches and players did they see anything or did they pick up the phone my mistake. This phone issue got me thinking about these expensive devices and here are some tips and words of wisdom for you if your phone is stolen or lost.

The Basics:

1. Breath. Yes, it is expensive, but it is only a phone

2. Retrace steps if you believe it is just lost

3. Call your phone, you will hear it ring if nearby, or if you are lucky someone will answer the phone

Reality sets in, the phone is gone, you cannot find it anywhere, the coach asks all of the players if they saw the phone and no one knows anything. Worst of all you call the phone and it only rings, no one answers.

Here is what you should do if your phone is lost or stolen:

1. Report your missing phone to wireless phone carrier

2. Let them know if it is lost or stolen (if stolen and you report the phone you will not be responsible for any unauthorized calls such as international calls)

3. Ask your wireless carrier to port your number to another device

4. Call the police. Spend the time fill out a police report

5. Contact home owner's insurance. You may have a provision for lost or stolen electronic devices

What could you have done to prevent this from happening to your child? Reflect, did you give a phone to a child that is too young or not mature enough? Did you give your child a phone that is highly sought after? Remember, your child, no matter how much you lecture them, will be walking around with this phone. Get them the lowest cost model. Save yourself grief when something happens to the phone. Trust me, no matter what, something will happen to phone.

PSA: When you get a new phone, write down the serial number and the IMEI. Hey, once you finish reading this great article, go ahead and get the serial number off your phone.

iPhone Users:

1. Enable "Find my iPhone" app. This way, all you have to do to find the phone is log on to icloud.com/find or use the app on another iPhone and turn on lost mode.

1. At that point you can enter a four-digit passcode to lock the phone and suspend your Apple Pay. Also, add a custom message on how the finder of the phone can reach you.

2. If your phone is off, you can still put it in Lost Mode, Lock It, or remotely erase the phone. When the phone is turned on all of the above actions will take effect.

3. Check with your wireless phone carrier to determine if they have any other software for lost or stolen phones

4. Use a third party security such as Gadget Trak

Android Users:

1. Install Android Device Manager. This app allows you to remote lock or wipe your phone and if you use the 'ring' button your phone will play the ringtone at max volume for 5 minutes

2. Check with your wireless phone carrier to determine if they have any other software for lost or stolen phones

3. Use a third party security: such as Plan B, which is an app you can install after the phone is missing and iHound, which is a tracking application that has advanced capabilities like the ability to wipe your phone's data, trigger alarms, check in on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

We have talked about a child phone mishap, but we adults are just as prone to losing or having our phone's stolen. All of the above steps should be followed but I want to add a few more of the adult and business user.

1. Don't store your passwords in a file on the phone

2. Don't have photos of your driver's license or credit cards

3. Change all of your online accounts password from your email, financial institutions, and cloud services

4. Use a security app for the phone. Really lock it down because a stolen phone that is a pain in the butt for the thief to clear and will show up in someone's unexpecting hands unusable, and with all of your information still on the phone, which is bad for them but good for you.

As we always say "Stop Screaming at Your Technology". Not sure what do, give T.G. Consultants a call at 847-848-7726 


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