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Storms! Storms! Storms!

on in Technology
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 It’s coming!  You know the storm is a coming!  The weatherperson can’t stop talking about the storm. You can’t avoid it, it is the reality of where we live.  At least once this spring the storm will hit us.  The weatherman will say, it’s the Storm of the Year, record breaking conditions, record rain and wind speeds that will require you to put rocks in your pockets.  The day where if you can stay home you do.  We are going to have a couple of discussions about this topic.

So let’s start off, the “Can I work from home” request. As a business owner you have to make a decision as to what to do for the day. If you allow your employees to work home do they have all of the right technology tools?

 What technology do they need? They probably have a computer at home, right? Let’s review some of the technology questions/items:

1.       How will they get answer the phones?

2.       How will they get their email?

3.       How will they talk to the server(s)?

4.       How will they create invoices, review payables or receivables?

Now you are asking yourself, dang I did not think of any of those questions. Your head is screaming “What do I do, what do I do”? The next thoughts will be how am I going to let my employees work from and still have them support the company’s productivity and goals?

Here is the answer, Cloud Services. Yes applications hosted in the cloud. Hum I know what your question is going to be, ‘What is are Cloud Services’?  Cloud services applications that are hosted on tera firma within a distributed network of servers that share computing power using vast “server farms. A place where we can store all of our data and information, and access it from virtually any computer, anywhere, even at home during a storm.  Many business services are based on Cloud technology, such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange, QuickBooks, VOIP, CRM’s, and the list goes on and on.

T.G. Consultants staff can help your business soar into the cloud, allowing you to stop dreading the horrible phrase “Can I work from home”. Of course this is just the introduction into Cloud technology stay tuned for the next installment of Storms, Storms, Storms! If you want to get started now with Cloud servers give us a call let T.G. Consultants help you to become the Ideal Boss.

If you are ready to move your productivity to cloud services, remember T.G. Consultants is just a phone call 847-848-7726 or email info@tgconsultantsinc.com away. We are Ready and Able to HELP you Stop Screaming at Your TECHNOLOGY! 


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