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Weatherman says "A Storm is Coming"

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Weatherman says "A Storm is Coming"

It’s coming!  You know it is coming!  You can’t avoid it, it is the reality of where we live.  At least once this winter it will hit us.  The weatherman will say, it’s the Storm of the Year, record breaking conditions, including record snowfall and below zero temperatures.  The day where if you can stay home you do. 

As a business owner you have to make a decision as to what to do for the day. You really have two options:

1 – Remain open for the day no matter what the conditions are and risk the safety of all involved, but not lose any productivity.

2 – Close for the day and probably lose money and productivity.

What kind of boss are you going to be for the day?  Are you going to be “THAT BOSS” and make your employees brave the treacherous conditions and drive into work, possibly risking their lives and jeopardizing their safety?

Or are you going to be the cool, understanding boss and allow your employees to work from home that day? If you make this decision will you be jeopardizing your productivity if your employees don’t have what they need to get their job done?

What if you had a 3rd Option?  One that would keep your employees safe, and allow the same level of productivity they would have if they were in the office.  Allowing a Win – Win situation for all, and making you look like the ideal boss.  You can have it all!  And we can help.  But you can’t wait!  You have to plan ahead and set it up before the Great Snowstorm of 2016 hits.

How is this possible you ask?  With The Cloud.  What is The Cloud you ask?  Cloud services are not in the clouds but based on terafirma within a distributed network of servers that share computing power using vast “server farms”.  A place where we can store all of our data and information, and access it from virtually any computer, anywhere, even at home during a snow storm. Many business services are based on Cloud technology, such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange, Disaster Recovery Backups, QuickBooks, VOIP, CRM’s, and the list goes on and on.

You can do all this, and even more with your business data. So what are you waiting for?  Call today to get set up on The Cloud and let me help you to become the Ideal Boss when the Great Snow Storm of 2016 hits.  And don’t even say you can’t take a day off because you have to answer your phones, because I’ll come back with “Get VoIP”.  What’s That?!?!?!?  Stay tuned for our next blog and I’ll explain it all.

If you are ready to move your productivity to cloud services, remember T.G. Consultants is just a phone call 847-848-7726 or email info@tgconsultantsinc.com away. We are Ready and Able to HELP you Stop Screaming at Your TECHNOLOGY!  



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