T.G. Consultants has many years of providing companies, small to large the backup and restore solutions.

Having a reliable Backup Solution is as easy as 1,2,3! It will also let you sleep better at night.  

Step One: Design a Backup/Restore solution that WORKS and is cost effective. Determine should the backup be cloud based or hardware based.

Step Two: Complete the first backup and schedule future backups to be either real-time, hourly or daily.

Step Three: Schedule and Periodically test that the data that is backed up can be restore. We can test full system restores, folder or file.

Your BACKUP is only as good as your RESTORE!


 T.G. Consultants staff hold Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery certificicates, allowing us to help you with planning, building and maintaining disaster recovery solution. A disaster is the last thing business owners plan for, don't get caught without a plan.

Step One: Have a Backup/Restore solution that works and has been tested.

Step Two: Sit down with the key company stakeholders to determine disaster requirements; such as length of time the company can be out of service, what are the critical systems and applications, and where will the recovery occur. 

Step Three: Review and document the IT environment

Step Four: Create disaster call sheet

Step Five: Implement the business continuity and disaster recovery plan, this includes all documentation and ensuring your company staff understands how the plan works. 

Step Six: Test the business contitunity and disaster recovery plan with a MOCK disaster. Trust us, it is better to see what needs to be corrected before an actual disaster. 

With a disaster recovery plan you can grow your business knowing that if a disaster does occur your business has a solid recovery plan and a IT partner that has you covered.