Trish GleesI am Patricia Ann Glees, my family and peers call me Trish. I was born in Chicago Illinois and I am part of the Generation X. My generation represents a more apparently heterogeneous generation, openly acknowledging and embracing social diversity in terms of such characteristics as race, class, religion, ethnicity, culture, language, gender identity, and sexual orientation. I married my best friend and we have a delightful and brilliant daughter. 

After high school I went to college on a Naval Midshipman scholarship, earning a place within the Navy as an officer. After my service a door opened in the 1993 at EggHead Software, I was an Assistant Store Manager and was asked if I wanted to learn computer networks and servers. At the time you either choose Novell or Microsoft. I chose Microsoft and my path and career was underway. Since that first certification I have tested and received 24 IT certs. To name a few I am a Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional, A+, Network +, Security+ Technician,  a Professional Project Manager, Certified Information System Auditor andCertified Ethical Hacker. 

In the 20 + years I have worked my way up from a break/fix technician to President of T. G. Consultants. I have worked for law offices, manufacturing plants, small business, banks, large business and huge insurance companies. I credit my parents and family for my work ethic and loyalty. From working in corporate America and in the United States government, I have learned to hone my skills and determine what I want to represent. Being a female IT engineer in a very male dominated field, has never been easy, but I never look to take the easy path.  So in 2010, when I lost my job, in May of 2010 T.G. Consultants was born.  I own T.G. Consulants, all 100%, yes we are woman and veteran owned and proud of that fact. 

At T.G. Consultants, we want our clients to Stop Screaming at their Technology, we want them to enjoy technology not be afraid of it or angry with it….Technology is not going away, embrace it. Because of my corporate America training I understand the value of ROI and the importance of customer service.  We have three groups to help you and your business..