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Posted on in Technology
Technology Planning for the Future

Technology improves productivity! It also presents a unique challenge that businesses need to overcome. Providing solutions that won’t restrict the ability of workers to do their job properly and won’t keep the business owner up all night worrying about it.

Older technology strategies are outdated and may not have the appropriate compatibility or security to deal with your technology strategies and goals. The thought of new technology and the fact that as soon as you buy your technology, new technology is developed. So here are a couple of technology polices that will help your futures technologies ROI, making your environment beneficial for your company.

Set Your Technology and Infrastructure to Facilitate Growth
Many software vendors such as Microsoft are moving to a subscription base for Exchange, Office, and Dynamic CRM which is great for you as company. As your workforce changes you can just as easily change your license(s) counts.

Posted on in Technology
Voice Over Internet Protocol

What is VoIP and how can it help me with my business?  Although it might sound like an illness, it is actually a very powerful tool that will allow you the flexibility to answer your business phone from almost anywhere. VoIP is an acronym that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  Really, all it means is you are using your internet connection to place or receive phone calls, basically eliminating the need for a traditional land line and providing you with more flexibility and usually a cost savings.

A requirement for VoIP is a good quality internet connection, even your wireless connection will work, a personal computer, a VoIP phone or a regular digital phone with a VoIP adapter and a VoIP provider.

Posted on in Technology
Texting,Talking, Driving, Oh My!

Now you all know I am a profound user of technology. This is food for thought as we start the nice weather, Prom, Wedding and Graduation season.

As you drive out of the parking lot you only have one thing on your mind, how amazing your new phone is; you continue driving down the tree lined road when your phone suddenly goes off. By instinct you glance down at it seeing it was a text. The next thing you know there’s a loud crash and the next thing you know you’re in a hospital room surrounded by beeping machines. In just three seconds you went from driving home to painfully laying in a hospital bed. In 2015, 330,000 injuries are caused by people texting while driving.


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